Nourished Mamas are changing the world.

Hi, I'm Monica

Loving Mama of 3 daughters, I am here to hold and serve you on your Mothering Journey. 

I am the Warrior (sun in Aries), with the Soul of the Dreamer (Moon in Pisces), wearing the mask of the Mother (Ascendant in Cancer). 

I believe that Love is our Infinite Source, that I am here to learn big lessons and walk with you on the sacred journey of Mothering we choose and co-create each moment. I call this co-mothering: drawing on our chosen archetypes to support each other in Mothering in a New Humanity. It all begins with our connection to our Essence, and emerges through our relationships.

Mother, Lover, Lifelong Learner, Aromatherapist, Innate Postpartum Care Provider, Artist of the Spirit Life Coach, Permaculture Designer, Homesteader, Early Childhood Educator. Each, a part I chose to grow on my journey towards Sovereign Mothering. So grateful to be here with you now!

Picture of Monica with Flower Crown

I Believe:

  • Love is our Mother.
  • Humans are blessed with infinite potential and it's so much fun to play with this power!
  • There is a nurturing relationship between Humans and Mother Earth.
  • Mother Earth, as Energy and Planet, is Love Embodied, Abundance and Interconnection.
  • Life thrives through a web of relationships rooted in Sacred Reciprocity and synergistic Intelligence.
  • Inter-being shapes Life. Vibrational exchanges, often taking the form of feelings, continuously influence the expression of Life. This is a platform to learn how to nourish Life. 
  • All humans can tap into Mother Essence, the heart of the Mothering Archetype, to maximise their nurturing, loving and creative capacities. This is the Energy needing conscious Sourcing today to step into Love.
  • In Peaceful reconciliation, and in the opportunity conflict provides for humans to rise above narratives of fear, doubt, limitation, and threat. Mothers are in an extraordinary position to welcome daily conflict as evolutionary capacity, noticing the ripple effect when we choose loving action.
  • Regenerative relationships, as in regenerative agriculture, are a key focal point for our present to nurture and evolve through.
  • Humans are innately made to thrive and heal, and each individual knows best how to live its life consciously - our Freedom to self-direct and choose is a Sacred premise of Thriving Life. We are here to choose and orchestrate Thriving Life.
  • Mothers and Fathers must consciously choose to step into their knowing, learning and being to begin their journey of awakening our innate Sovereignty. 
  • Mothering and Fathering are sacred journeys that offer the opportunity to evolve one’s Soul. Caring for our children calls us forward on these journeys. Unity of Masculine & Feminine is what we long for.

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