Emerging Radiant from Life's Harshest Challenges

asking for help inner knowing safe witnessing sovereign mama trauma tribe Sep 12, 2022

2020 had me lying on the floor begging for anyone to ease my pain. I was birthing my third daughter, surrounded by women I loved and admired. I was in my home. My daughters were playing under the caring gaze of my mother and my closest friend. My sister was lovingly replenishing the homemade herbal lemonade that kept me hydrated.  The attention of my midwife was just as I desired. A dear friend and guide showed up to gift me acupuncture and much needed rest in my most desperate moments. And my midwife's support sister had the most gentle or firm touch, depending on what I requested. What a phenomenal tribe of women! 

Yet, my life was not at all what I had hoped for it to be at that moment. I had experienced unbelievable trauma. And the emotional pain of having manifested my worst fears and trials kept me from fully opening to birth my baby. The pain was overwhelming...

In my final month of pregnancy, I had shared my worst fear with my midwife: that I would be lying on the floor, helpless and worthless, begging for help. There must have been a part of me that knew I needed to experience this. To go into my underworld so I could face my harshest challenges and emerge radiant - to rebirth myself into the Sovereign Mama I so longed to be!

It took me 18 months after this birth to realize that I had all I needed within. I needed to take back the reins of my life and stop waiting for approval, recognition, and value from "the experts," or from anyone, for that matter, besides myself.  This is when I stepped into my knowing - a precious space of freedom and love we each can rest in at any moment.  

Life asks us to pay attention. Notice what you feed - which part of you are you nourishing? Which part do you want to feed? 

Our feelings are our internal GPS - what messages are your feelings giving you?

Please book a discovery call if you would like to explore your feelings and trials from this new, liberating perspective.  I am here to listen.

May you always follow your heart's glow!

Yes, I am ready to receive!

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