Fear & Love are Not Opposites!

attention/intention fear love is our essence mothering ourselves navigating feeling Oct 09, 2022

Hi Beautiful Mama!

How many times do we hear that fear and love are opposites? That we need to push our fears away, suppress, not indulge - that fear is holding us back? Fear: the victim of so much judgement in some circles!

What if fear is simply a messenger - a feeling? A necessary feeling. 

I have been experiencing fear on many levels over the past two years, especially. I manifested some of my greatest fears. I was a victim of my fears. Then a survivor of them. These are all the stories I told myself.

In hindsight, when I felt the feeling of fear, I was being asked to listen. It had something important to share. It's my connection, in part, to my intuition.

This month, I am struggling with some big decisions, and fear has shown up as mixed into anxiety. I had my first panic attacks, beginning "randomly" in the heart of the night with dizziness. I told myself so many horror stories because I was feeling anxiety:

  • What if I have a brain tumor?
  • What if there's something seriously wrong with me?
  • What if I die?
  • Who will take care of my children???

A mama's scariest thought! 

This happened two nights in a row, and then I practiced simply feeling the immensity of fear in my body, knowing it, too, would pass, as I was puking up air and saliva in front of a rose bush. The rose bush that was right outside the bedroom door of the hotel we were staying in - bless those roses, they reminded my I was held, no matter what!

That day, after being with the fear for many hours, I did my due diligence and called some healers for advice. The one I finally got on the phone was a doctor I had never met that said she had no time, and all she could do was write me a notice to go to the hospital and blah, blah, blah. I used my anger to say no thank you, this is my problem to solve.

By holding the fear and anger in a wider field of Love, I made it through! I didn't spiral myself all the way down the stories and put myself into situations I didn't want. I was able to inter-be with my jumbled up feelings, pull them apart, sit with them and let my body do all the work of releasing it needed.

Love is our essence, and the widest, safest holding container we have to experience fear within it. It's not the opposite of fear. We don't need to go to battle with fear or ignore it - in the name of Love! We can call on the power of Love's shield to give us the trust in ourselves to navigate with our fear.

Mama, use your feelings to orient. Hold them and you in Love.





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