What Has Your Heart Glowing?

heart glow joy navigating feeling nourishing rituals sweet spot Sep 12, 2022

With this question, I would begin a Circle with a group of 3-6 year olds I shared my days with. Heart Glow became our daily ritual of gratitude. I loved the responses the children shared, each so authentic and bursting with JOY!

- playing with my friend

- rolling down Great Hill

- digging up an earthworm

- when a friend gave me a hug

- finding a praying mantis

- building a fort

I took this ritual home to share with my daughters, and it transformed bedtime, leaving us feeling connected in heart resonance right before this nightly time of separation that had so often been ripe with tension and nervousness for my daughters. What a relief for us all - when Mama is centered, children can center. It's through our heart resonance that we can hold and accept each others nervous states.

I spent many years creating environments, rhythms, rituals and communities rooted in beauty, wonder, care and loving relationships for children. One day many years ago, I had an "aha" moment: what if mothers were held in these spaces of love?  Wow!  I could feel the rippling radiance of this vision - like showers of light bursting through the crown of each Mama, merging with the light of each Mama that would connect, hand in hand, in this Circle of Nourishment and Awakening.  I have been curating this vision of Love for years, now.  It is time for us to step in....

I now aim to sit in my sweet spot daily, and gift myself the visionary space to look around and within, noticing what has my heart glowing. How big can my Joy get?! I allow my heart to lead my remembrance that we are always held in Love. This is our home, our resting place. 

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