Why I didn't tell my daughter to get down from the tree

attention/intention fear love is our essence navigating feeling sovereign mama Dec 30, 2022
Daughter climbed high up in tree

"Get down!"  "That's too high!"  "She's going to fall!" "Watch out, there could be weak branches!"

My relatives had arrived. And with them, our fears....

I had observed my daughter climbing trees way higher than I was "comfortable" with since she was 4.  Each time, I would check in with my fear, carefully spot her as far up as I could, then let her go. I knew in my being that taking on this challenge with such Joy was worth the "risk" - for her, for me, and for our relationship!

And, that fear is so natural! This time, I smiled in recognition at my relatives' fears, recognized them aloud and voiced that my daughter was ok - she's really talented at climbing trees. It was important for me to voice that aloud once fear was in the air - so she could recenter in her Joy and know I had her back. And so I could choose to stay in trust and in my center, instead of let the outside world pull me into relationships I choose not to lose myself in.

This felt like a moment of Sovereign Mothering! 

Next time your child's actions ignite fear, try becoming a nonjudgemental witness. Check in with yourself. Ask yourself, "what does my child need or want right now?" This is an opportunity to live from your Mother Essence. Ask yourself, "What is the fear asking me to pay attention to? What kind of action or nonaction do I take, coming from trust in my child's innate nature? What do I choose to put my attention on?" 

Once we feel into the fear from this place of centeredness, we can choose what feels right for us. This is partnering with fear AND love. You got this, mama!

Yes, I am ready to receive!

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