Mothers are meant to mother together.


The time to redesign our webs of care is now!

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I am so grateful to Rachelle Garcia Seliga for illuminating the INNATE human design for thriving life.

Mothers and babies are part of a dyad - one physiologic system - our bodies are our babies' natural habitat for their first 9 months in womb and next 9 months earthside. 

Children from 0-3 years old are in the Primal Continuum of Human Life. Through co-regulating and learning to be in relaitonship, children learn :

Is the world safe?

Will I survive?

Will I survive in relationship? 

Let's get really honest with our power and responsibility, as Mothers. 


What are you willing to do to reclaim your Authority as Mother? How will you design your environments of Care? What world do you want to Mother In?

Participate Virtually

  • One live monthly Virtual Visioning Gathering to collectively put our attention on our greatest vision for ourselves.
  • Access to a growing library of transformational tools to co-create our own conditions of safety.
  • Seasonal, cyclical rituals of celebration to nourish and honor you, as Sacred Mama.
  • Sacred self & family care practices.
  •  Your own Telegram group to ask for co-witnessing, share your wins, and build your web of care.
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Co-mother in child AND mother centered care:

  • Are you seeking care for your 1-3 year old that you can trust? 
  • Are you looking for a community of aligned mamas to be with while you raise your child(ren)?
  • Do you long to work, create, and tend to your needs while being near your child?

Phoenix Rise is a co-mothering space where children and mothers thrive, where each is more free and nourished because we prioritize connection, co-regulation, liberation & play. 

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As a founding member of both the virtual and in person co-mothering collectives, you receive these additional gifts:

  • Sweet Spot Meditation Package
  • A free 30 minute intro call
  • 20% discount on 1:1 sessions for as long as you are a member


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