Ready to finally build the web of care you long for - for yourself and your child/ren?

Join us in person in Asheville 

 (founding group beginning April 21st through May 26th, 6 Fridays, in Swannanoa) 
Book your Call by emailing [email protected]

During our call we get clear on:

Your needs for yourself and your family

Your desires for your little ones

How you want to show up in community

How abundant you feel right now


What you choose to shift now to elevate your mothering

Co-Mothering is a Vision that will emerge from the collective of mamas that choose to create it. 

Possibilities include:

Amazing care for your 0-3 year olds while you work, create, enjoy the company of other moms/caregivers and children, or tend to yourself.

Spaces for you to navigate your feelings, your own care, responsible relationships, and create the web of care you want. 

Access to beautiful natural surroundings and inspiring family gatherings, along with co-working and co-creating rooms

Safe witnessing and partners to call on for listening

Shared meals and nourishing conversations

A nature-based, Waldorf & Reggio Emilia infused play group for your 3-6 year olds

...and the unknown possibilities that will emerge from you and this collective!