Your Dream Land is Within Reach!

6 Hectares of Land

Two fields of pasture, divided by a town dirt road, which leads to private gravel driveway and straw bale home. About half of the land is wooded.

Your only neighbours are fields away - family farmers raising a small herd of pastured cows for milk. Springs to tap into are on their land, and a seasonal stream borders one end of the property.  A well was dug, but it failed - a new one is necessary for well water.

This land has been free of chemical agriculture since 2009. We planted multiple heirloom fruit trees, hedges, olive trees, several herb gardens, and spiral raised beds, using the principles of permaculture and synergistic agriculture. The land has not been farmed since 2017.

A Straw Bale Home, Sold As Is

Begun in 2011, with the help of over 70 volunteers and hired experts, we built this straw bale, wooden framed, and earth plastered home. Roof has natural insulation and sealed Italian tiles, with a small terrace - was recently fixed Fall 2022.

Home needs final lime plaster, wiring and solar panels for off grid independence, plumbing, septic/grey water system, and flooring. It is sold as is.

All approved plans will be shared with buyer.

     148.000 euros for entire property or 11.000 euros for a buildable hectare. 

     email: [email protected]

Whatsapp/Signal: +39 320 217 4700

Are you looking to revillage?

Start your own farm?

Retire in a protected forest?

Walk out and co-create New Earth?


Inside Layout:

Walk into the front door through the entranceway, and you'll find the bathroom on your left followed by a spacious bedroom with a glass door leading to the south side of home. The space for the stairway leading to the upper level rests in between the sleeping and open layout kitchen/dining/living areas. Cap for wood stove is centered to facilitate heating capacity. Open space has 4 windows on south and west sides, and two glass doors leading to each side, filling the room with beautiful light, particularly during sunsets. North side has a long pantry and entranceway. Thick straw and earth walls offer robust insulation. Flooring is designed to be raised to allow space for plumbing, wiring and ventilation.

Upper level is one large open space, with lots of light, leading out to a small terrace overlooking views of the sunsets over the mountains on the West side.


Carpineto Sinello (Chieti), Abruzzo. Enjoy the tranquillity of Southern Italy. Approximately 35 minutes from one of the most beautiful wild beaches on the Adriatic, Punta Penna. The beautiful town of Vasto offers many cultural and artistic activities, dining on the trabocchi (right on the water), and horseback riding by the beach. Driving inland about same distance you find yourself at the Lago di Bomba. Ski in the winter and enjoy the hiking trails and parks in the summer.

Two Purchasing Possibilities:

  •  148.000 euros for entire property 

  • 11.000 euros for the 1 hectare lower field, to build your own home/project &/or for agricultural use (parcels 249, 251, 274).