$111 - $333 Sliding Scale, Heart-Based Choice.

Mother & Daughter Self Care DIY Playshop

Enjoy a Love filled afternoon dedicated to nurturing the Mother-Daughter connection. Let's love up on each other as we welcome the playful art of DIY to our self care! 

You will receive:

  • hands-on teachings to make your own hair, face & body care products from the purest ingredients
  • practices to root into our connection to Mother Earth
  • a crystal attunement
  • healing touch 
  • time to play with our intuition and inner healer
  • the power of Tarot
  • the beauty of crystal grids
  • face & body oils, made for one another, after rooting in our heart-centers
  • delicious refreshments
  • delightful companionship 
  • nurtured relationships
  • emotional, energetic & physical lovin' up!

A message from Tami: Mother Daughter Attunement with Healing Crystal Medicine

As the mother daughter dynamic is ever-evolving and unwinding it’s a gift to take moments to reset and align our relationship in this dyad. With the use of healing stones from the Taoist and Shamanic traditions we can heal current and past, consciousness and unconscious lines of incongruous energy. We will use a stone infused oil and healing stone grids on and around the body to help harmonize the vibration between mother and daughter. We will play with our intuitive skills and the healer within all of us, as I guide a treatment exchange using healing touch modalities and acupressure, the power of Tarot and the beauty of crystal grids.

A message from Jenn: Kitchen & Garden Beauty Treats for Your Hair

Join us in creating a hair beauty ritual with ingredients found in the wild, your kitchen and gardens. With nature's healing herbs, flowers, plants and raw materials, we co-create natural hair products. Customized shampoo, conditioner, detox, curl cream and how to brighten your hair naturally, scalp or hair concerns will be addressed, as well. Learning to make your own products empowers you to create them in your own home. Plus, you know each ingredient you are putting on your skin. Using ingredients from nature connects us back to our Mother Earth through her scent, feel and colors. Mother Earth is a pure gift from our wisest grandmother, passing along all her healing attributes. Learn more about me here.

A message from Monica: Heart-centered Oils for Beautiful Skin

Modeling Love through our self care practices teaches our daughters Embodied Sovereignty. The rich history of Ayurveda calls on oils to nourish, heal and tone our skin. We will combine potent carrier oils and pure essential oils, studying the power of flowers to allow us to sink into our heart center and create from this place of deep nourishment & Love. Acupoints, self massage, and loving intention will energize the oils Mothers & Daughters will make for each other. My intention is for you to deepen your connection by nurturing the feminine within and return home with these tributes to your Love.


All purchases are final. If you cannot attend, for any reason, you may gift your participation to a mother-daughter pair of your choice.  You acknowledge that your purchase includes membership in Mother Essence Private Contract Association.